Gardens of Divine Imitation

Gardens of Divine Imitation

A garden design timeline form the Renaissance to the Edwardian era via Ancient Rome

Bella D’Arcy is a Garden Designer, and it is as a designer that she explores the links between Ancient Rome, Roman Renaissance gardens, and the gardens of the Edwardian Era.

She looks at the designers, the clients, the society and culture surrounding them. She discusses 16th century gardens in and near Rome where built by a singular group of artists/architects/designers: the Architects-in-Charge of the building of the new St Peter’s Basilica: Bramante, Raphael, Ligorio, Vignola, della Porta, all linked by the work of Michelangelo. These gardens inspired the Edwardian designers; Jekyll, Lutyens, Peto and Mawson and their clients.

She breaks into the idea of ‘Lutyens-designer, Jekyll-plants’ proving a complete symbiotic design relationship between them; explores an unbuilt Italian design by Mawson; finds a little-known Lutyens design, and brings a new theory to the creation of the pergolas at Easton Lodge.

The design time-line arches over 2000 years:

‘This book is full of gardens and full of history, but it is not a book of garden history as such. it is about garden design and their creators: an exploration of the way designers create; what influences the thinking of a designer and creates the vision.'

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  • Publisher: gardens and people
  • Publication date: 3rd November 2009
  • Paperback Size: 240mm x 210 mm
  • 188 illustrations - 90 in full colour
  • ISBN 978-0-9563451-0-3

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