the research and the stories behine Bella D'Arcy Reed's stories

The stories behind the stories

The research and background to my books and stories.

ABOUT Fountains

Franz Liszt, composer would stay at the Villa D’Este Tivoli when he needed to retreat. Gertrude Jekyll, who became the famous gardener and designer, visited the Villa when young during the same year Liszt was there. This is an imagination of them being there at the same time. I studied the D’Este garden and that of Gertrude Jekyll at Hestercombe for my book about Renaissance gardens and their influence on Edwardian garden design: Gardens of Divine Imitation.
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I was sitting outside The Ship at Heybridge Basin in Essex, drinking a coffee with a friend, and delighting in the fully unfurled rust-red sails of two slowly-gliding Thames barges, and watching the gulls following them.

When I got home, I opened an email announcing the Essex Book Festival Crime Writing Short Story Competition. I had never written a crime story, although I have read a great many, and thought I would have a go. The last line came first; all I had to do was lead up to it!

The Judge, Jim Kelly, said he really didn’t see it (the end) coming, and that the story was a twist on the genre.
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